Nobody reads ads- 

they read what interests them. 

Sometimes it's an ad.

-Howard Gossage

How are you with new ideas?

Something happened about a year ago that forced me to rethink almost everything I thought I knew about marketing...

Which is crazy- I had studied enough of the subject for years.

But as it turns out, I really didn't know anything.

Luckily, long ago I had learned to respect my elders- which is why I was able to see something most people don't.

Let me explain...

First- Have you adopted any of these common "business" assumptions?

(If you've been operating under any of these assumptions, you're going to want to read further...)

  • "If I want to earn business, I need to do everything I can to "get my name out there"
  • "It's important to constantly put fresh content online to stay relevant in my market"
  • "If I'm not seeing any real results from my social media, it's probably because I need to do MORE of it"
  • "People's attention spans are so short these days that I've got to try to tell them everything in as short of time as possible"

Assumptions like this are common of the day- touted even by the most "professional" marketing agencies and believed down to the most un-tech-savvy business owners.

I believed it too...

But then, by chance, I was introduced to something I wished I had learned earlier- 

The true keys to influencing people and growing business...

See, while most of us had been struggling on the hamster-wheel of "activity marketing," a select few of the most insightful marketers have been producing effective marketing ideas regularly!

This has been so fun to learn...

Ok, here's the big reveal- what I'm talking about is universally known as direct-response marketing, and while it's been a strategy that has been around for over 100 years, the strategies go largely unacknowledged (and even far-less used) by most marketers today...

I have no idea why, except to assume that most people simply don't know about it.

This was certainly the case for me. Maybe for you too? I wonder...

Regardless, it's not that hard to implement once you realize what you need to do. In fact, you could implement most of these strategies within the week (if you really wanted to)!

Would you like to review the top 7 strategies of direct-response?

What if, just by changing a couple key-points with your message and your product, you could get twice as many people interested?

Would the effort be worth it?

You wouldn't have to spend more in advertising, or increase any of your content creation, or even lower your price...

You'd just have to know how to position an offer and speak to what people really care about.

Honestly, this is easier than you might expect. And to help, I've summarized the 7 most effective strategies of direct-response marketing- the ones that anyone can implement once they realize how important they are-

This document helps remind myself what I need to focus on...

And you can have it if you'd like:

Overlooked Direct-Response Secrets

Learn 7 of the most important strategies for making all of your efforts, time, and money spent on marketing work infinitely better:

Most people forget that the content of their message is actually more important than how fun their pictures are or how stylish their website is. 

I hope this document helps you.

Oh, and if you want to talk about things further, just let me know:

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