How To Be Even Better At Marketing

Using Early-Stage Responsive Advertising to own your market by serving your prospects before they know that they need you.

Dear Friend,

If you've struggled to get adequate results from your marketing efforts, read on.

Most of the current frenzy of marketing activity, from traditional advertising to blogging and social media marketing, is focussed on what amounts to about 3% of any market- the people who are ready to buy right now.

And it's all your competitors are focussed on...

You can tell by the messaging.

In fact, it's the messaging that is the secret to attracting a far larger audience to your brand and

earning you more money through your marketing.

Here's what to look for:

Take a quick second and visit 2 or 3 of your biggest competitors' websites.

I'll wait.

(Bonus if you find a few of their ads.)

What are they offering? How are they saying it?

If the first word you see is "we," you know they are missing it.

Most advertising is focussed on selling the company. What they do and how they do it.

But what kind of person is going to care enough to keep engaging with that kind of material?

Only a person who already knows what they need. Only the shoppers. Only 3%.

The majority of people in your market are not yet ready to buy.

Now, here's something else to consider...

Open up your website analytics. (you do have analytics, right?)

How many people are coming to your website and then leaving, never to be heard from again?

90%? 95%? Maybe all of them?

Most businesses aren't using that information to their advantage.

Here's the point...

It's normal for your prospects to visit your website and never come back. And it's normal for none of them to care about who you are until they are ready to buy from you.

Yet, the average small business owner will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to earn their business with similar messages, using similar methods, calling out to the same small group of immediate buyers.

And it doesn't work.

What is Early-Stage Responsive Marketing?

Remember that messaging is the secret to attracting a larger audience for your brand.

You know what kind of messaging your competitors are using. The kind of messaging that only someone who is ready to buy would care about.

Instead, you can start speaking to those prospects before they are ready to buy, and position yourself as a leader, as a helpful resource.

So how do you do that?

Like this. Teach.

And make the most awesome, compelling offers you can right from the start.

Then, prepare for the reality that most people that visit your website are not returning without being invited back.

You can employ email automation, strong prospect segmentation, message personalization, retargeting, and other modern marketing strategies at your disposal to compensate for normal human behavior, and structure a system designed to nurture people to becoming customers.

And by then, you will have earned their familiarity and their trust.

Thanks for reading. 

Your friend,

Ray Porrello

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