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Online Marketing Platform & Web Development

For entrepreneurs and small businesses

A comprehensive project-based package where we build your entire funnel system with the best tools and strategies in modern marketing- coordinating all of your online and offline marketing efforts.

Facebook Advertising and Messenger Marketing | Bots

Modern Advertising and prospecting

A focused retainer-based program focusing on the power of direct-response advertising online to start getting customers now. This is not social-media management.

Go big or go home-
customized campaign Building

the perfect blend of art and science

Some of the most effective marketing campaigns have come as a result of marrying powerful direct-response strategies with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I'd love to craft something unique with you!

Modern Direct-Response Marketing

Utilizing the most effective marketing strategies of the last century in a new, focused way- creating customers from your advertising.

Build your front-end lead generation strategy and profit from your actual business on the back end.

Karen Grosz - CEO of Canvas Creek Team Building

Ray is one of those people who is doing exactly what he should be doing. He is high energy, contagious in his enthusiasm and full of great ideas.

He is always thinking and generous with his knowledge. I am proud to know and recommend him.

Chris Barnt - Owner of Barnt Interior Designs

When I needed a consultant to help with branding and marketing for the business I was working with, I immediately thought of Ray. He is innovative and thought-provoking. He came up with many useful ideas that could be implemented right away, but most importantly, he is fun to work with.

Jason Laird - Weather Forecaster at KRTV

I had the pleasure of meeting with Ray and discussing an up and coming business venture I have been working on. Ray was full of great insight and fabulous ideas. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to start a personal business venture or needing marketing insight and ideas!

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