Google is not actively delivering new customers from SEO or content marketing

If you're focused on writing articles, posting pictures, and making a pretty website, you're missing what the entire internet was built for. See below:

Paid advertising is the only way to tap into all of the deep audience identification that Google and Facebook have been building for the last 10 years...

Google, Facebook, and just about any online platform you can think of are spending all of their time and money, billions of dollars, on giving businesses the ability to advertise to their perfect prospects...

They're building the most sophisticated paid-advertising platforms ever created in the history of mankind.

What THEY KNOW about your future customers is scary accurate-

But, despite the fact that all of their knowledge has been made available to you, most business owners and marketers have been sidetracked by some of the least efficient and least reliable tactics in online marketing...

None of the tactics like SEO, content creation, and social media management are able to utilize this advanced audience identification.

The truth of the matter is that Google (who also owns YouTube) and Facebook (who owns Instagram) have been watching what everyone is doing online. They've studied their behavior. Their movements. Their interests. Their friends.

And they've done so for one very specific reason...

Because the most valuable thing they can provide is a prospective customer. All of these indicators can help identify who might be the most interested in your business.

See, all of their information is curated and structured specifically for advertisers.

So, while all of the content created by businesses can be valuable eventually, Google and Facebook are ready now with people you need to talk to.

I mean, take a look at this:

Based on what a person searches for, what videos they watch (maybe reviews or comparison videos), and even what stores they looked for in their maps app, Google has identified when they are likely interested in buying certain things...

You and I can reach people in the market for everything from baby clothes and pet supplies to financial products and business services!

Even more than that, we can show ads to people in specific life events (these are usually times people make purchases of various things):

  • Graduation
  • Marriage
  • Moving
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Job Change
  • Business Creation
  • Home Renovation
  • Retirement
  • New Pet

ALL of this powerful information is being used so you as a business can run successful advertising campaigns that bring you customers!

In fact, your opportunity to grow your business with paid advertising is significantly higher than with any other marketing strategy...

There is simply no better way to find the perfect audience in any other way.

But is it really that simple to get new customers?

Yes. And no...

By nature, when posting free content, most people put far less thought into what that content is doing. (Most business owners are so focused on posting things that get listed in Google that they aren't even thinking about what it takes to move a person to take action). 

What that means is that it's not as simple as "boosting" your organic posts or advertising your recent blog posts...

There is a specific way to craft an ad and lead a person through a process of taking action, whether that is to come into a store, schedule an appointment, or buy directly online. 

If it would help you to know the main tactics that the greatest advertisers use to consistently create winning ad campaigns, things you could implement into your own company to see improvements in the way people respond to your messaging, I wrote out 7 of the strategies that seem to always surface in the research...

You can see them on my website here- nothing to sign up for.

And if you'd like help crafting an ad campaign for your company, by all means visit the services page on the link. All costs and availability is on the website, I try to answer any of the big questions you might have right up front before you ever decide to meet with me, I think that's most helpful and time saving. The page should open in a new tab so you can get back to the video you were about to watch as well...

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Tap into the most sophisticated audience-identification platforms ever created And Start selling with paid-advertising:

Audit & Platform Optimization service

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  • 1:1 consultation with design team
  • A final design concept, with materials list
  • Multiple revisions to get the perfect design

How To Move Forward:

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