Frequently Asked Questions:

What are you offering?
Prospect relationship building (warming up your leads) to increase sales, appointments, or purchases. We'll do this primarily by Early-Stage Responsive Advertising. I’m specifically using different calls to action and offers to build your contact list and then using specific email automations to try and “indoctrinate” your prospects to know, like, and trust you.

What does the process look like?
The first thing we have to do is get a really good understanding of how you’ve been trying to nurture your prospects so far and find out what ideas have the most traction. After strategizing on the best ways to work with your particular customers and clients, we’ll make sure to set up goal tracking (through Google Analytics) so that we can analyze the actual effectiveness of my services over time. Development of the “lead magnets” and offers, the actual automations and software, and writing copy for your responses and emails is very time intensive and workload-heavy (as you can imagine) and would require some collaboration to make sure we nail the messaging. Then it’s a matter of launching the system, getting traffic and testing the results. Long term, the relationship looks like working to optimize our initial automations and working on additional angles to attract prospects (specifically by creating new lead magnets and helpful content that move prospects through additional funnels).

If it sounds like a lot, it really is! For our first engagement, you should realistically expect 3-6 months of work.

What are the terms and pricing?
Pricing and terms are important to get right. You don't want locked into complicated or long contracts, and I want clear expectations and a realistic chance to implement the plan we come up with in our beginning consultation. So we'll start with a short 6-month contract of $1750/month. Together, we'll implement the kind of marketing strategy that positions you as the most trusted choice utilizing the industry’s most effective strategies.

What are the “industry’s most effective strategies?”
Email marketing is completely different than it was even 5 years ago. Probably the most dramatic change is the death of the common newsletter (when’s the last time you got excited to “sign up for my newsletter”?). More effective approaches employ email automations, but even then, most have been built by “dripping” emails after a randomly selected number of days. The most effective approach is building your automations to trigger based on each action a particular prospect takes (or doesn’t take) that triggers the next action for a very customized behavioral-response system. 

That being said, the main point is being able to retarget your traffic and leads to be able to market to them numerous times, and that doesn't have to be email. Some very innovative strategies right now involve Facebook video views to build custom audiences and then retargeting. Because very few people are going to buy from you after their first engagement with you.

We're talking about human nature and cultivating a sense of trust through repeated value-added marketing where people learn to believe in you and your product. We'll discuss how to best do that in the most sustainable and unique way for your business. 

What platform do you use?
I’ve sure been liking Active Campaign for the customization and tie-in with sales and crm at a reasonable price. I'm also certified in Hubspot.

That said, employing similar strategies is possible with a number of platforms. You can even do some decent work with Mailchimp, although I’d strongly suggest you consider switching to a more robust platform.

Whatever you decide, we'd make the switch and set up as easy as possible on you.

When can I start?
There’s a lot of work to do, so we should get started sooner than later. But I’m happy to discuss all implications, issues, topics, random thoughts, and ideas until you’re absolutely comfortable moving forward or you are positive you’d rather not work together.

What about if I want to discontinue your services?
That’s a realistic question- and one you should be able to make for whatever reason at whatever time. First, our contract is month-to-month, no need for contractual obligations to muddy this decision. Second, any work we do is and was for you- so any new lists, segmenting style, and even the education you gain in working together is yours to keep. You can even continue using the email platform without continuing with our services (suggested, as you would likely lose the automations we put into place by changing systems- a call you of course get to make as well).

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