How Do You Put Together An Online Lead Generation System?

There is a lot of money being spent by people trying to find more customers. Website development, getting found in search engines, social-media management, blogging, video production, advertising, networking, sponsorships, and all of the other work involved in marketing can be overwhelming and expensive to do well.

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to wonder if marketing even works.

What happened to the days where you created a business with the best product or service possible, created offers for people to come in, got that offer out in front of the world, and got to work serving the masses?

Your business is good. You’ve got a great service, and have done a really great job honing your craft.

You’ve got a beautiful 42 page website. It cost a small fortune, but that’s what the web experts suggested.

You advertise. Everywhere. It’s what the advertising experts had said you needed to do.

You’ve got slick materials. Thick business cards and a nice looking brochure. You’ve really invested in good graphic design. The big marketing firm helped you with all of it.

But the customers aren’t coming in like they should.

Might I make a suggestion?

Things haven’t really changed much in business.

It still is about creating the best product or service you can. It’s very much about the offers you present, getting them out in front of the world and serving your clients.

But sometimes your web developer isn’t talking to your ad rep. Your ad reps have a job- to sell ads. On their platform. Your marketing company has a full graphic-design department, and can buy media spots with the best of them.

And at the end of the day you’re left with a collection of parts, but they don’t make it easy for a person to take you up on your offer and become your customer.

But there areĀ proven ways to connect the pieces…

The indoctrination of old marketing habits is something so many business owners struggle with.

You’ve been led to believe that the bigger your website, the more value that it has in marketing your business.

Advertising has never really been measurable before. Famous quotes like “I know 1/2 my marketing is working, I just don’t know what 1/2,” ring so true that you can’t help but to laugh. You do it, but it’s a mystery.

And the first service you’re sold with the traditional marketing firms is probably not to actually bring you customers.

But when the all work together to make it easy and straightforward for a person to take you up on your offer, then your marketing will result in customers. It’s what I call Modern Lead Generation.

Here’s what Modern Lead Generation looks like:


Simple enough, right?



But there are some major failure-points to be aware of:

The regular process of developing this type of system is that it’s not immediately perfect.

Can you imagine that?

The best marketers know that to make this work better than any other form of marketing, that each part of the process needs to be constantly tested, refined, and adjusted.

So what do you test, exactly?